😀 indicates that the student has become a co-author on a peer-reviewed paper!

Eric Mohan

Undergraduate research student, spring 2019

Mechanochemical Transformations in Porphyrin Chemistry 




Hayley Piepho

Undergraduate research student, spring-fall 2018

Modifications of Pentafluorophenylporphyrin 

Serena Churchill

Study abroad student, academic year 2017-2018

Home institution: University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Synthesis and Photophysical Evaluation of Morpholinochlorins 

David_Schnable pictureDavid Schnable

REU student, summer 2017

Home institution: Misericordia University, PA

Synthesis of Metallodioxobacteriochlorins


Michael Labrecque

Undergraduate research student, spring & fall 2017

Synthesis and Reactivity of Dioxoporphyrin


Bionca Feagin

Undergraduate research student, McNair Scholar, spring & fall 2017

Metal Sensing Using Functionalized Imidazoloporphyrins


Jiaming😀 Jiaming Ding

Undergraduate research student, summer 2016

Home institution: Fudan University, P.R.C.

Synthesis and Functionalization of Imidazoloporphyrins 


Genevieve Nuttall

Undergraduate research student (w/ Prof. Harry Frank), performing her work in our laboratories, spring 2016-date

Carotenoid Pigments in Bird Feathers 


Carly-Group-Website-Picture(small)Carly Mastriano

Undergraduate research student, spring-summer-fall 2016, spring-summer-fall 2017, spring 2018

Catechol-derived Porphyrins for Light Harvesting 




😀 Fang Zhou

Undergraduate research student, summer 2015.

Home institution: Fudan University, P.R.C.

Baeyer-Villiger Oxidation of Octaethyloxochlorins 


lindeyer(small)😀 Samuel Lindeyer

Undergraduate research student, spring-summer-fall 2015, spring & fall 2016, spring 2017.

Biliverdin extraction from emu eggshells.



Bill Dema

Undergraduate research student, fall 2014.

UV-vis and fluorescence spectra of pyrrole-modified porphyrins..


😀 Hua (Justin) Zhu

Undergraduate research student, summer 2014.

Home institution: Fudan University, P.R.C.

Solubilizing Quinoline-annulated Porphyrins for the Photoacoustic Imaging of Tissue.



😀 Weston Tardie

Undergraduate research student, spring & fall 2014, spring-summer-fall 2015, spring & fall 2016 (thesis).

Oxazolochlorin Modifications



Elizabethkaesmann Kaesmann

Undergraduate research student, spring-summer-fall 2014, spring & fall 2015, spring & fall 2016, spring 2017 (thesis).

Synthesis and Chemistry of Octaalkylbisketo-bacteriochlorins and -isobacteriochlorins



JAM_chenYongjian (Jam) Chen

Undergraduate research student, summer 2013.

Home institution: Fudan University, P.R.C.

Reaction of Indaphyrins with Nucleophiles


angelequeAngeleque Hartt

REU student, summer 2013.

Home institution: Bates College, ME

Synthesis of Derivatized meso-Tetraaryloxazolochlorins


KelseyKelsey Wheeler

Undergraduate research student, fall 2012-spring 2013.

Synthesis of meso-Tetraaryl-2,3-dioxoporphyrins



Moncy😀 Mengxi (Moncy) Yang

Undergraduate research student, summer 2012.

Home institution: Fudan University, P.R.C

Quinoline-annulated Chlorins

Became a graduate student at Texas A&M University (Gabaï Group)

ChristinaMKristina Marilla

Undergraduate research student, spring & fall 2012, spring-summer 2013.

Synthesis and Modification of Aminomethylcoumarin

Went on to PA School


nicole-LNicole Luzi

Undergraduate Student spring & fall 2012-spring & fall 2013, spring 2014.

p-Phenyl-functionalization of Pentafluorophenylporphyrins

Went on to attend a Medicinal Chemistry Graduate Program at West Virginia University


Steven-Halepas😀 😀 😀 😀 Steven Halepas

Undergraduate Student fall 2011 through fall 2013, including summer 2012; following a B.S. in 2013, technician in the Brückner Group until 2014

Optical High pH- and Cyanide-sensing Membranes and Biliverdin Extraction from Emu Eggshells

Went on to UConn Dental School.


kim-P😀 Kim Panther

Undergraduate Student spring 2011, summer 2011, to 12/2012 (last year joint with Prof. José Gascon)

Pentafluorophenylchlorin Syntheses and Computation

Works in her major field – actuarial sciences



😀 Alexander Ticho

REU student, summer 2011.

Home institution: St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN

Central Metal-dependent Conformational Variation of Metallomorpholinochlorins

Attended a PhD-MD program

eileen😀 😀 😀 Eileen Meehan

Undergraduate Student spring-summer 2011, until 12/2012.

B.S. University of Connecticut, 2012 M.S. University of Connecticut, 2014

Synthesis of Bisalkyloxazolochloris

Became a graduate student in our group; now a graduate student at the Department of Chemistry at Penn State University, Philadelphia

Amanda Card

Undergraduate Student fall 2010.

Synthesis of Pyrrole-modified Porphyrins

Sarah😀 Sarah Wells (née Page)

REU student, summer 2010.

Home institution: Grove City College, Grove City, PA

Synthesis of Bispyrrole-modified Bacteriochlorins

Became a graduate student at the University of Pittsburgh

Suzanne Xie

Undergraduate Student spring 2010.

Synthesis of Pyrrole-modified Porphyrins

gretchen😀 Gretchen Peters

REU student, summer 2009.

Home institution: Luther College, Decorah, IA

Hydrazine-induced Ring-closures of Pd and Pt Secochlorin Bisaldehydes

Graduate studies at the University of Maryland (J. Davis Group)


johnH😀 😀 John Haskoor

Undergraduate Student 2008-2011.

Reaction of Porpholactones with Hydrazine

Went on to attend NYU Medical School


Jacqueline Mulee

Undergraduate Student fall 2008-2009.

Study of the Antimicrobial Phototoxicity of Brown Eggshells

dougDouglas Mooney

REU Student, summer 2008.

Home institution: Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT

Synthesis of Free Base Pyrazinochlorins

After Ph.D. at Sacrad Heart University, general chemistry instructor at UConn branch campus

renee(2)Renee Rubenstein

Undergraduate Student, spring & summer 2008.

Synthesis of Porphyrins, Metalloporphyrins, and -chlorins

Went to attend UConn School of Dental Medicine


MelissaMelissa Zastrow

Undergraduate Student 2007-2008.

Thesis: Synthesis and Spectroscopic Characterization of Platinum meso-Tetrakis(pentafluorophenyl)porphyrin and its Osmylation Products; Winner of the departmental Best Undergraduate Thesis Award and winner of the American Institute of Chemists (AIC) Foundation Award.

Graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (Pecoraro Group) in 2013; then Postdoctoral Associate at the Lippard Group at MIT, followed by Assistant Professorship, University of Houston

AshleyAshley Saab

Undergraduate Student 2007.

Synthesis of Pt and Pd Porphyrins

Took on employment at BioScale, Cambridge, MA


gloria(grad)Gloria Zarate

REU Student, summer 2007.

Home institution: San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

Nitroaromatic Detection by a Porphyrin Library

Graduate studies at UConn in our group, M.S. in 2010, now industrial employment

brianBrian Lewandoski

Undergraduate Student 2007-2008

Synthesis of Pyrrole-modified Porphyrins



Alexander Rubbicco

Undergraduate Student Fall 2006.

Phthalocyanine UV-vis spectra

MichelleK😀 Michelle King

REU student, summer 2006

Home institution: Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT

Determination of Acid/Base Properties of Porpholactones


Nicole😀 Nicole Morozovich

REU Student, summer 2006

Home institution: Indiana University of Pennsylvania, PA

Conversion of OEP to mono- and bis-Oxipyriporphyrins

Became graduate student at the Department of Chemistry at Penn State U, University Park, PA (Allcock Group)

Stephanie DaSilva

Undergraduate Student 2006.

Pt and Pd Porphyin Syntheses

ChrisAChristopher Arntsen

Undergraduate Student 2006-2008.

Base-catalyzed Porphyrin Synthesis

Graduated with a double-major Chemistry and Math and went off for graduate studies at the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at UCLA (Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, September 2014)


rossi😀 Alison Rossi

Undergraduate Student 2005-2007.

Honors Thesis: Dipyrromethanes and Dipyrrins as Precursors to Porphyrins and Corroles

Now analyst at Nielsen, CT


byronStacy Byron

Undergraduate Student spring 2005.

Porphyrin Syntheses

Went off to attend the School of Optometry, Buffalo, NY


kobakovMichael Kobakov

Undergraduate Student spring 2005.

Porphyrin Syntheses



capetta😀 😀 Steven Capetta

Undergraduate Student, 2001-2005.

Undergraduate Thesis: Silver(II) as Template in Porphyrin Chemistry

Went on to become a Senior Associate Scientist, Neurosciences Chemistry, Pfizer Global R&D, Groton, CT


angela😀 Angela Tanudra

Undergraduate Student 2004-2005.

Zinc Chemosensors, Cell Culture (in collaboration with Prof. H. Freake, Dept. of Nutritional Sciences)

Became a Technician at the Sackler Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Tufts University


porto😀 Maura Porto

Undergraduate Student, 2003-2005

Biological Evaluation of Zinc Chemosensors

Went on to become a Research Assistant in a genetics lab at Harvard Medical School

(the photo shows Maura inside of a cell – in the Science Museum in Munich)

daniell😀 😀 😀 Heather W. Daniell

Undergraduate Student, 2000-2003.

Honors Thesis: ß,ß’-Modifications of Porphyrins: Synthesis and Resolution of a Chiral Chlorin-Type Chromophore. Winner of the departmental Best Undergraduate Thesis Award

D.Phil. in chemistry (2007) from the Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Oxford University, UK (with Prof. Harry Anderson) Became an energy consultant, an Associate at Beetle Capital Partners (alternative energy investment consulting business), London, UK, a self-employed consultant, and eventually the owner/founder of Dr. D’s Tasty Treats.

rinaldoChristopher Rinaldo

REU Student, summer 2003.

Home institution: Keene State University, NH

Synthesis of Dithiadiolchlorins

Went off for graduate studies at the University of Colorado (with Prof. Niels Damrauer, M.S. in 2005)

😀 Paul Foss

REU Student, summer 2003.

Home institution: Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT

Synthesis of meso-Tetrathienylporphyrins

Industrial employment

Nicola Hines

Undergraduate Student, 2003.

Porphyrin Chemistry

schuster😀 Jolene V. Schuster

REU Student, summer 2002.

Home institution: Penn State University, Behrend College, PA

Synthesis of Coumarin Derivatives 

Ph.D. in chemistry (2009) from the Department of Chemistry, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH (with Profs. Dean Wilcox and Jon Kull; postdoctoral stays at the University of Potsdam, Germany, and Wellesley College, MA. Now on the Faculty, Science Department at Blair Academy, Blairstown, NJ

Teresa Filshtein

Undergraduate Student, 2002.

Porphyrin Chemistry

barta😀 A. Barta

REU Student, summer 2001.

Home institution: University of Nebraska at Kearny, NB

Silver(III) Corroles

Ph.D. in chemistry (2007) at the University of British Columbia, B.C., Canada (with Prof. Chris Orvig); Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Nebraska at Kearny, NB.  Now Undergraduate Research Coordinator, Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Tayseer Ghazzouli

Undergraduate Student, 2000-2001.

Carbohydrate Syntheses

Dana Nason

Undergraduate student, 1999-2001.

Synthesis of N-Confused Porphyrins

williams😀 Suzanna Williams

REU Student, summer 2000.

Home institution: Providence College, RI

Synthesis of 2,3-Dionechlorins

Graduate studies at the Department of Chemistry, Yale University, New Haven, CT (with Prof. J. W. Faller)

Nolwenn Le Bouch

Undergraduate Student, 2000.

Demetalation of Silver Porphyrins

Graduate studies at Université Laval, Québec City, Canada

Jeremy Sholovitz

Undergraduate Student, 1999-2000.

Porphyrin Chemistry

Ken Burke

Undergraduate Student, 1999.

Large Scale Tetraarylporphyrin Syntheses

patricia😀 Patricia Melfi

REU Student, summer 1999.

Home institution: Providence College, RI

Synthesis of Silver Chlorins

Ph.D. in chemistry (2007) from the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of Texas at Austin (Prof. Jonathan L. Sessler).