Career Guides

Be well prepared when going out to hunt for a job or postdoctoral Position!


Tips on Resumé Preparation (from the ACS, 1998) (240 kB pdf)

Making the Right Moves – A Practical Guide to Scientific Management for Postdocs and New Faculty (from BWF and HHMI, 2004) (3.3 MB pdf)

Academic Job Search Guide (from the Chronicle of Higher Education, v16, 2014) (4.3 MB pdf)

Fast Track To Finding A Job in Industry (from C&EN, 2008) (110 kB pdf)

Dudley Herschbach’s Essay on ‘Einstein as a Student‘ (source unknown, 220 kB pdf)

Writing A Winning Teaching Statement (from Columbia University Grad School of Arts & Sciences Teaching Center, 2013)

Don’t Recycle Your Résumé, Refresh It (from C&EN February 2, 2015)