Our Research Program was, or currently is, supported by:

UConn – Office of the Vice President for Research Research Excellence Program 2014:
‘Near-IR Absorbing Porphyrinoids as Contrast Agents in the Photoacoustic Imaging of Tissue’ PI C. Brückner, co-PI Qing Zhu (UConn Electrical and Computer Engineering) (2015-2015)

nsf1NSF CHE-1465133: ‘Advancing the Synthesis and Application of Pyrrole-Modified Porphyrins’ PI C. Brückner (2015-2017)

NSF CBET: ‘Tuning Activated Carbon Nanofiber Nonwoven Membranes for Selective Sorption’, PI Tim Vadas, co-PIs J. McCutcheon, A. MacKay (all UConn Department of Environmental Engineering) (2014-2017)

NSF CHE-1058846: ‘Synthesis and Evaluation of Pyrrole-Modified Porphyrins’ PI C. Brückner (2011-2014)

NSF CHE-1062946: ‘REU Site in Chemistry at the University of Connecticut’ PI C. Brückner, co-PI M. Peczuh (2011-2013)

NSF CHE-1048717: ‘CRIF: Upgrade of a 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer’, PI S. Suib (ex officio), co-PIs C. Brückner, M. Peczuh, A. Howell, N. Leadbeater (all UConn Chemistry) (2010-2012)

NSF OCE-1030630: A New Method for Rapid and High-sensitivity Determinations of Low-molecular-weight Organic Acids in Seawater’ PI A. Skoog (UConn Marine Sciences), co-PI C. Brückner (2010-2012)

NSF CMMI-1014926: ‘IDR: Optical Imaging of High pH Dependent Degradation in Infrastructural Materials’, subcontract from M. Gandehari (NYU Polytech, Department of Civil Engineering) (2010-2013)

NSF CHE-0754580: ‘NSF-REU Site in Chemistry at the University of Connecticut’, PI C. Brückner, co-PI Mark Peczuh (2008-2010)

logo-2linesUConn Research Foundation – Large Faculty Grant Program: ‘Applications for Pyrrole-modified Porphyrins: Porpholactones as High & Low pH Sensors’ (2009-2010)

NSF CMMI-0730826: ‘Real-time, Compact, and Ultra-sensitive Sensor Arrays for Explosives Vapor Detection’ PI Yu Li (UConn Dept. of Chemical, Materials, and Biomolecular Engineering), co-PIs C. Brückner (UConn Chemistry), Ali Gokirmak (UConn Dept. of Electrical Engineering) (2007-2010)

NSF CHE-0517782: ‘REU Supplement ‘Porphyrin and Pyrrole-Modified Porphyrin Libraries for TNT Sensing’ PI C. Brückner (2005-2008)

NSF CHE-0517782: ‘Pyrrole-Modified Porphyrins: Long Wavelength Absorbing and Fluorescing Chromophores’ PI C. Brückner (2005-2008)

NSF-CHE: Research Opportunity Awards Program: C. Brückner co-PI, PI A. Howell (Summer 2003)

1386791124597ACS Petroleum Research Fund: ‘PRF Summer Research Fellowship Supplement to Excisting PRF Type G Grant’ PI C. Brückner (2003-2003)

UConn Research Foundation – Large Faculty Grant Program:  ‘Fluorescent Probes for Intracellular Zinc Detection’ PI C. Brückner, co-PI H. Freake (UConn Nutritional Sciences) (2002-2003)

NSF OISE–0321652: ‘International: Pyrazole-Based Expanded Porphyrins’, US Application in parallel to German application by F. Meyer (University of Göttingen, Germany) to the DAAD, PI C. Brückner (2002-2008)

ACS Petroleum Research Fund – Type G (PRF-37423-G1): ‘Tetraphenylporphyrin-Derived Homoporphyrins as Long-Wavelength Sensitizers and Two-Photon Absorbing Dyes’ PI C. Brückner (2002-2004)

NSF CHE–0097525: ‘NSF-REU Site in Chemistry at the University of Connecticut’ PI Amy Howell, co-PI C. Brückner (2001-2003)

university_of_connecticut_logoUConn Research Foundation – New Faculty Grant Program: ‘ß,ß’-Bond Manipulations of Porphyrins and Their Conversion into Novel Porphyrinic Compounds’ PI C. Brückner (1999-2000)

Student Stipends

In addition, graduate and undergraduate students have received stipends to perform work in our laboratories from the following agencies and programs:

• US Air Force (Ph.D. stipend to Major Michael A. Hyland)

• US Coast Guard (M.S. stipend to Lt. Brian Gisvermik)

• UConn Department of Chemistry Summer Research Fellowships (multiple)

• UConn Department of Chemistry & Fudan University Summer Research Fellowships (multiple)

• UConn Office for Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowships (SURF) (multiple)

• NSF-Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Fellowships (multiple)

• Northeast Alliance for Graduate Research/UConn Graduate School Stipend for Minority Graduate Student Recruitment

• Pfizer Summer Research Fellowships or Pfizer CBIA Program (multiple)

• Pfizer Green Chemistry Competition for graduate students (to N. Merbouh)

• PRF Summer Research Fellowship Supplement (to Prof. Guy Crundwell, Central Connecticut State University for work in our laboratories)