Outreach activities are an important aspect of our work.

The year 2019 is the UNESCO International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements to celebrate its first publication 150 year ago by Dmitri (Mendelejeff, D. Zeitschrift für Chemie 1869, 12, 405-406).

We presented a range of talks to celebrate this occasion and to highlight the importance of the periodic table to chemists, to science, and to all enjoying the fruits of the chemists and science:

Lovell Catholic High School
February 7, 2019
(Mendelejeff's birthday)


Science Talks @Tilde Cafe
March 2, 2019


Chemistry Olympiad @ UConn
March 21, 2019

UConn Precollege Summer Program 2015 (with Clyde Cady) 'Chemistry: How to Synthesize Aspirin, Light-Harvesting Dyes, Secret Inks, and Much More'
Presentation of “Cadmium – from a chemist’s view” to the Task Force on Cadmium on Children’s Jewelry of the State of Connecticut General Assembly: Hartford, 10/2/2014.
eggciting1 ECE Summer Institute: EggCiting Chemistry! Co-developer (with N. Leadbeater) of a three-day workshop for Early College Experience (ECE) high-school teachers focused around using real-life examples – eggs – as tools for teaching high school juniors and seniors some of the concepts of General Chemistry (summer 2014).
Learning Science – A Workshop for Teachers on Student Engagement: co-Organizer (with H. Freake, UConn; M. Jehnings–Manchester Community C.; D. Khan-Bureau–Three River Community C.; M. Philion–Quinnebaug Valley Community C.) of this workshop for high school and college teachers and teaching assistants, UConn, 5/18/2012 (15 speakers/presenters, 85 attendees). WorkshopFlyer
Mentor for SECRET (UConn School of Exploratory Chemistry Research Experience & Training) highschool participants, Summer 2011.

Photo by Steven Dahlberg
Participation, with scientist Hedley Freake and artist Daniel Bernard Roumain, in discussion "Threads of Creativity Across Art and Science", part of the Creativity Networking series at WindhamARTS in Willimantic, CT, a Year of Science 2009 event, organized by Steven Dahlberg (1/7/2009).
Finals judge at the Middle School Science Bowl at UConn, 2009-2013.
Mentored high school student from Newton High School, Newton, CT, in a synthetic chemistry project. This was covered in: The News-Times, February 8, 2006, A4. ‘Students find answers with a new high school science program’ by Robert Gold.
Interaction with the New England Association of Chemistry Teachers: Presentation at their annual meeting and contributions to their JournalThe NEACT Journal, 2000, 19(1), 10-13 and 2000, 19(2), 17-21.

NEACT Journal Cover Page 2000 (1)

Mg dry ice demo